Thursday, December 21, 2006

The beaded purse is done

Yesterday I finished the knitting. Today I consulted with Mum and Michael about whether it should be lined, and we decided it needed to be. So I found some blue silk for lining and stitched it to the purse. Then I stitched it to the purse frame that came with the kit, and the sides. It is done! I am very happy with it, and shall probably carry it around with coins in it for a while. Maybe it can replace my very old and very tatty purse that goes to the beach with me - just big enough for some coins, a note or two, and a driver's license. It was surprisingly easy to do, and quick. Very satisfying.

Now I can get back to veggie knitting - the black jumper.


  1. JulieB2:00 PM

    Applause! That looks great. Are there more beaded things in your future?

  2. Wow, very impressive. It looks great. I'd be too worried about getting sand all over it to take it to the beach!!

  3. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks