Monday, December 04, 2006

Hands off that remote control...

There I was on Saturday, focussing on my beaded knitting, when I looked up and saw this:

Yes, bird sitting on the couch, on the remote control! It must have just hopped in the back door and seen what was on television, and decided to change the channel. It was a quiet bird, didn't even budge when I took pictures of it. I slowly got up and closed some of the internal doors in the house. Moved towards it, and it hopped off and outside. It went into the laundry to investigate things there. It appeared to have something wrapped around its left foot, and I considered ways of capturing it and wrestling with it to remove the bits. However, it flew away. But then I went into the office and saw the same bird perched on the window bars, peering in at me. Hi, I said, and went outside. But it was gone.

Sunday is washing day, and I was putting things on the line to dry. Suddenly, our little friend came down and perched on the line. Hi again! If it comes again I shall have to give it a name.

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