Monday, December 18, 2006

The snowdomes are out

Yes, it is Christmas time again and time for the snowdomes to come out of their hidey holes. Christmas is a time for snow, and for tacky decorations, so this is their time in the sun. During the year they live in hiding, avoiding dust and dusting, but now they are out in force. Some live on the mantelpiece in the dining room, along with a waterfall of tinsel.

Some live on a side table around the lava lamp.

This year's crop are together on the mantelpiece in the loungeroom - Brussels, Berlin, Nagoya, Honolulu (which lights up with different colours) and more. A lesson Michael learned was that they don't travel well - the Berlin one lost its water, and the windmill from Holland lost its water and its globe. It is the domeless dome.

We have a tree as well, only a small one, with lots of pug ornaments on it and a couple of domes around its base.

In addition to snowdomes, we like to buy Christmas ornaments on our travels. This array comes from Lousiana, Nebraska, Washington, Quebec, and Monterrey (Mexico). On the far lower right you can see a tatted one - yes, I made that one, and it was to be the first in a series. I guess it is - a series of one!

Do you think that's enough Christmas stuff for one small house? Thank heavens it is only once a year.

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  1. heather2:15 PM

    Beautiful Katie and I can attest to the fact that there is nothing the least bit tacky about them!! Soap is lovely by the way... skin already softening up after the aussie sun.
    Can you believe after I saw you I said to Richard "I do like Katie, she is just that little bit eccentric" to which he responded "a bit!". Well for someone as straight down the line as he is I'd take that as a compliment!
    Mince pies to make today - keep the christmas spirits up!