Saturday, December 02, 2006

Jonty was Reikied, I saw a Black Prince

Sunday morning, things don't move too fast around here. Jonty moves very slowly, so our Sunday walk is a very leisurely affair. This morning we were in Green Bans Park, and I saw two girls peeking around the hedge, unsure of whether to approach. We are quite used to this, given Jonty's magnificence and magnetic personality, so I encouraged them. They did the usual oohing and ahhing and mentioned that he might have a touch of arthritis. No, I said, spinal problems. He had a spinal laminectomy some years ago, so we are lucky to have had him this long, really. Then one of them laid her hands on his back. Jonty seemed very happy about this, and stood soaking it up. "A bit of Reiki," she said, then flicked away the energy. They went on their way. Jonty stood still for quite a while - we were in no hurry - and then proceeded home.

On the way I saw a Black Prince on the ground, and remembered that these cicadas have a certain cachet. We get lots of Green Grocers around here, they seem to like our mango tree. The noise is enough to drive one inside some days. Summer's iridescence is audible, along with the colour of the jacarandas and the shimmering heat haze. Not today though, it is unseasonably cool.

Back to the beaded knitting: it is much easier than I thought it might be. First, transferring the beads from their strings to the crochet cotton was a breeze. So easy that I might just think about the tatted beaded bag I have lingered over in Juliea Sanders' Tatting Patterns (no picture here of the particular one..)

Second, the pattern is sooooo simple. You just slide over the required number of beads, and they make these pretty loops. I am about two-thirds of the way down the first side already. It really is fun, and quick.

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  1. Hi Katie - I just can't believe it. A few days away and you've gone nuts on the blogging!!! I normally sadly check your blog once a week knowing I will be disappointed ... and this morning, well I can't keep up!
    Good for you making an unreasonable request to do your singing. It's worth it I'm sure you'll feel triumphant just to be there.. and I'd like to buy some soap. I was about to buy some emu oil moisturiser in Hahndorf and I thought, hang on, if I'm about to buy this I should be getting Katie's lovely stuff! And I'll do the meme thing - it will appeal to my friend John who is massively into the concept and who I am surprised hasn't past it on already. Great to get so much news in your inimitable style! HX