Monday, December 18, 2006

Lies, damned lies, and statistics

Whoever thought it was a good idea to include statistics on Windows Solitaire games??? Do I REALLY want to know that I (yes, me personally) have played over 4,400 games of Spider Solitaire Medium level and won 20% of them? Do I REALLY want to know that between us (since the last time we cleared the stats) that we have won 71% of our Freecell games? What about those arguments about losing umpteen games in a row - "Have you been playing Freecell and losing! I've worked ALL DAY to get those stats back up to 72% and you've lost four games in a row....."

Now blog statistics, that is another matter. SiteMeter is a button at the bottom of my blog, and if you click it you can see who has been accessing the site in all kinds of ways. I just adore the world map with the lights on where readers have come from - Finland, Spain, all kinds of exotic locales. Their entry pages are also listed, so I can see those users who have come to me because of their search for 'starch tatting'. Being, as you know, a sucker for applause and for readers, SiteMeter is a well-visited site of mine. Where are you, my readers? With SiteMeter, I know.

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