Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hawaii here we come

I am turning sixty. How can that be? Only yesterday I was eighteen...

Two years ago we went to Hawaii to celebrate Michael's sixtieth, so it instantly became a family tradition. I think that snorkelling at Waikiki in a bikini is an entirely appropriate way to spend my sixtieth birthday so that is exactly what I am going to do. Right down to the bikini. It isn't THAT brief, and I have lost ten kilos, so it won't be too awful. Most of the time I shall be face down in the water anyway.

Daughter and her man are there now, and they will pick us up from the airport. We are busy packing. Packing includes Illy coffee and Pangyong Congou tea. Those are essential. The laptop too, because I intend to blog the entire time. After our Greek holiday we realised that slides have had their day, so Michael has bought me a fabulous Canon digital camera to play with. I can't open it yet (duty free regulations) so will have something to play with when we arrive. I also have a filet net lace kit to learn a new craft with. If I like it I might have to change my blog title to knittatfiletpug. Sounds a bit like Pug Filet, which doesn't bear thinking about.

The housesitter is primed - she knows Majic, and I hope she has lots of energy. The dog walker is coming every day. As an aside, the dog walker leaves little notes every time, and these are some excerpts:

"Majic makes friends wherever he goes. He had a good game of chasing with Fromage."

"Majic was the life of the pack today. The other three dogs are a little timid so Majic was teaching them how to relax and be social. Sooo cute!"

"What a sociable, well mannered little boy he is! He took a real liking to Riley although Riley didn't pay him much attention. Soo much personality for such a little dog!"

"We didn't believe it, but Majic can outrun a Jack Russell!"

Just to get me in the mood, here is a picture of our view from one of our previous Hawaiian adventures. I am ready!

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  1. Wheeee! Enjoy (or as much as you can enjoy at your age).