Sunday, April 20, 2008

On our way

We left the dog, and the house. A taxi to the airport took us the most circuitous route through one-way streets in Erskineville at high speed. "We aren't in a hurry" I said. "This is the only illegal bit" said the taxi driver. It was dark and rainy. We are now in the Air New Zealand lounge awaiting our flight from Sydney Airport. I have unpacked my new camera and read some of the instructions, and the battery is charging at one of the power points. We have had a snack, it being dinner time.

The housesitter left an SMS so I am not worried about the dog any more. There was a moment in between leaving and hearing from her when I was convinced she was lying in the gutter bleeding (family joke...) and the dog was abandoned to a lonely death in the house all alone for nearly three weeks. I have a very active worry mechanism.

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  1. Happy Birthday Katie from your work colleagues back home.