Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Successful connection

My laptop has proven very recalcitrant at getting connected. Having a senior moment before I left home I signed up for two weeks of dialup access. That has not proven successful at all, even though I have years of experience at that sort of thing. So I've moved on to wireless and finally beaten the laptop into submission with a credit card and a position perched on the bed. Typing like mad before it falls over!

I've swum every day. Today was my longest swim, right out to what looks from our window like a rock, but on close inspection is a kind of barnacle weed encrusted bollard. I was pleased to have finally swum around it.

Yesterday was a terrific visit to Queen Emma's Summer Palace, which was full of beautiful things, including lots of lovely wood furniture and fabulous feather capes and kahilis and such like. We found a bead shop in one of the local shops, bought some purple velvet crystals with which to make a beaded rosebud for The Wedding. Happy happy us.

The camera is working really well, and I did get the software installed for it. So I guess a few pics are in order. I think I shall publish this and then try some pics!

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  1. Yes, but what happened in the back room because you had no fingerprints?