Friday, April 25, 2008

Who needs a hair drier?

Last night we went to a luau at the Royal Hawaiian, also known as the Pink Palace. I really wanted to see a show of some sort, and we didn't want to go to the Polynesian Cultural Center - it is run by Mormons. And besides, we went to the Pink Palace for Michael's birthday and it is now a Family Tradition.

It was great. I wore the feather necklace Michael bought me 18 years ago on our first visit here. We were given leis, as you see in the photo. As you see by my Little Dutch Girl hairstyle, I have not used the hair drier for some time and this is Just How it Is after a day's swimming.

The food was "authentic" - quite good, but one wouldn't want a regular diet of Hawaiian food. Poi is best left alone. Taro chips are excellent. Lomi lomi was a bit too salty. Pulled Pork is good. Desserts were indulgent.

The show was terrific, with hula girls and fiery dancing. A good time had by all.

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