Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No fingerprintS - a life of crime could be mine

It is true, I appear not to have any fingerprints. Last time I came to Hawaii, two years ago, they had great trouble fingerprinting me. This time, they failed entirely. Left index finger, left thumb, right index finger, dampen them all on the little pad, rub oily nose, nothing worked. I was taken off to a room in which there might have been eight people. More than I had expected! One woman struck up a conversation. She was Australian, but her partner lived here on Kauai, and she was trying to extend her residency. I am afraid I know rather more about her than I needed to. She filled me with dread, saying that the interviews took FOREVER and that I could be here for HOURS.

Just then, my name was called. I spoke to a woman behind the counter. Did I have any food with me? Was I travelling alone? No, my husband was with me. Where was he? Waiting for me with the bags, and waiting for daughter and her man. He is a US citizen, I said. Where does he live? With me, in Australia. Do you want to move to the US? No. No plans in the future? No. OK, off you go. Phew! I waved farewell to my chatty friend, and re-joined Michael who had wrestled with all the bags.

Julie and Martin awaited us with leis, which we donned. Found the car, drove to Kalia Street and checked in. Fortunately Chatty Mark was not on the desk.

We've had a terrific day today at the Lyon Arboretum followed by Isle Knits. While the going is good, I am going to try some photos now. Our wifi connection is very dicey....

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