Sunday, April 27, 2008

Practice piece

Netting is lots of fun. Quick, interesting, and a good result. At least I think it will be once I get going with some patterns.

This is my very first piece - a practice piece with no pattern to speak of. I started at the lower left corner, and there are mistakes - it is easy to pick where I went over instead of under and vice versa. By the time I got to the big square at top right the work was going pretty quickly.

This is on mesh size 3. My next attempt is going to be on mesh size 5 (smaller - the number refers to the number of meshes per inch.) Stay tuned.

Today was a retail therapy day. Michael and I walked to the Ward Centre where we got some more Illy coffee (blue, medium grind). Then back to the Ala Moana mall where we replaced the mystery tomatillos (the first two disppeared from the refrigerator) and a few other bits and pieces. A new cotton robe for me from the Japanese department store. A new vegetable steamer for the micowave. A Reyn Spooner shirt for Michael. A New York Times. That was the sum total. Alas I have been bitten by the Vinnie's bug and any item of clothing over $12 seems extortionate now. I blame my mother for that.

We were tired after our walk, so I went for a swim (in my bikini) and a sunbake (I know I am bad, but I love it) and a read. Finished Dora Damage's Journal and have started on a Hawaiian crimmie by Deborah Turrell Atkinson. So far, so good.

Tonight I am cooking in. Pork thin sliced with tomatillo jalapeno chili sauce, mashed potatoes, broccoli and asparagus.

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  1. I'm impressed!! No pattern to speak of..

    Also doubly impressed is the bikini!! I'm not confident enough to do that just yet!! Hope you're having fun..