Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Arriving in Los Angeles

We are flying business elite with Delta, which means we have our own pods which convert to flat beds. We have a USB port, which I haven't needed, and plenty of entertainment. There has been aeroplane tatting, movies, music, and the seemingly constant eating one does on planes. My mother has already started making helpful comments about my weight. I should never have let her watch the movie Supersize Me. Aaargh!

We are at the LAX Marriott where I have stayed many times before, usually on my way to work somewhere. I love the pool and the spa, and was not here more than ten minutes before I got my togs on and was submerged.

Having a flat bed on the plane makes an ENORMOUS difference to the way one feels after a long flight. There isn't so much of that dizziness.

We slept very well, and yes, there was time for sightseeing. We took a cab to Venice Beach. It was not very sunny, nor warm,minor crowded. We strolled up and down the promenade and browsed in some of the shops. Lots of tacky souvenirs, and an alpaca cardigan which was tempting, but only because it was on the cool side! I am amused by the number of shops and touts offering medical marijuana - they seemed to be every other shop. Didn't see too many punters going in. We ambled and browsed, but did not buy anything at all, although i was tempted by some red polka-dot heart-shaped sunglasses. Very Lolita. We did not go to the beachfront gym, but we did sit outside it for a while. The cab ride there and back showed LA in a very good light. The streets are clean and lovely flowers and trees everywhere. On our little walk we went through some back lanes with pretty houses and gardens.

Maybe time for another spa before re-packing my suitcase, which looks like a bomb hit it.

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