Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tearing ourselves away from the thrift stores

Today, instead of hitting the upscale thrift stores we went to the Selby Botanic gardens. They are fabulous, specializing in epiphytes. There was a magnificent orchid conservatory and I enjoyed taking pictures. Alas, I have discovered that I did not pack my Canon camera charger so am wondering what to do about that. It is quite low, and I will either have to save it for special family pictures, rely on the iPhone, or investigate camera shops for options. Sigh. I remembered all my other cables and chargers....

After our amble around Selby we went to lunch at a terrific restaurant in Sainte Armande. I had a quite delicious grilled portobello mushroom sandwich. We looked at some up market shops and decided against an emerald green pleated shrug/shawl/art piece for only $625. I would have bought a pair of black rubber thongs with Swarovski crystals, but alas they did not have my size.

We ate out last night at Maison Blanche, a truly world class French restaurant. Black seemed de rigeur so we three girls all opted for it. See the pictures below.

We had another wonderful dinner out last night with Gray and his fiancé Natalie, at the Yacht Club where they will be married in November. Will I be thinner when I get home??? Not after last night's key lime pie, I won't.

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