Saturday, April 28, 2012


We have had many memorable meals in Florida. Perhaps my favorite was at the Fish Camp in Sarasota. We began with a jar of fish paste on Saltines. Then we moved on to the deep fried dill pickle spears with a cornmeal batter. Unexpectedly, these were utterly fabulous. We had a second round, they were so good. I might try them at home. I moved on to a fried oyster po boy sandwich, which was truly good. A spoonful of Gwen's blackeyed peas was heaven, as was a spoonful of Mona's succotash. There was no room for dessert which was just as well as they all looked as though they would lead to an instant increase in dress size.

Another memorable meal was at Maison Blanche where the appetizer of mushroom and truffle ravioli was silky, profound, delicious. Everything was delicious there, and the ambience and service were outstanding.

Collard greens grown and cooked by Gwen were terrific.

A meal with Carol and Stan at Truluck's featured stone crab claws, sweet potato fries, halibut with a mustard fruits and Moroccan spice sauce, and supremely decadent carrot cake. Key lime pie at the yacht club with Gray and Natalie was to die for. Gray cooked a great meal of grilled shrimp with his own special sauce, and corn on the cob.

We had many great meals in Texas, including a feat from Rudy's BBQ. Brisket, turkey, chicken, ribs, coleslaw, potatoes, beans. Yee haa! It made for great leftovers the next day.

The Salt Grass grill was sensational with its brochettes of steak on a bed of caramelised onions. Perhaps the comfiest was Laurie's in Georgetown, where Laurie was the star in her apron featuring a button down arrangement on the bib for storing straws. What a sweetheart she is. The food was home made, fresh and delicious. I had a spinach and artichoke quiche with a green mandarin salad, plus raspberry iced tea.

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