Sunday, April 08, 2012

Countdown to the USA

My mother and I are going to the US tomorrow for a family-fest. Mum talked about celebrating her 90th birthday(June 1st) with her twin brother, but we didn't get our act together, and Uncle Jack died a few months ago. We thought we ought to make the effort to go one last time, and see Aunt Jane and family. Jane is Mum's older sister, and at 96 is still going strong. We are flying to LA and having a brief stopover there, then on to Florida to stay a week with my sister Gwen, and then to Texas to see Aunt Jane, Cousin Janey, Cousin Susan, and younger relatives Sarah and Kimberley. Count them - eight women of the family will be together. Men of the family - flee! Pictures will be posted along the way.

For those members of my family who are anxious, yes - I have packed ample supplies of Vegemite for distribution.

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