Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts, cousins.

Family. It is why we went. My sister, my mother's sister. Her two daughters, and her two daughters. We all met In Round Rock, Texas. There were four pairs of sisters spanning three generations.

My mother and her sister are in their nineties. My mum, June, is about to turn ninety, and her older sister Jane is ninety six. Seeing them together was such a great treat, laughing and reminiscing.

Jane senior has two daughters, Jane jr and Susan, my cousins. Susan came down from Reno to join the fun. We have always been close, despite the distance. When we were kids my sister and I wore the clothes they had grown out of, and we all shared our memories of favorite outfits.

Jane the Younger has two daughters, Sara and Kimberly. They drove over from Baton Rouge, along with Sara's husband Jeremy and their baby Michael. Those two brave boys managed to withstand the onslaught of eight women.

We had five days there, and that gave us time to go out a lot, and to stay in. We formed small groups, catching up with each other individually and as a series of subsets. Sister with sister, aunt with niece, cousin with cousin, mother with daughter. There was remarkably little friction - we all get along so well, and only wish we could get together more often. We went through family photos and I scanned some of the important pictures and documents. We thought about those who had gone before and those who could not be with us. I wish my daughter Julie could have come too.

When the time came to leave there were tears, of course, but we are left with such happy memories of an amazing reunion.

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