Friday, April 13, 2012

Florida fun and frolics, and family

The red eye special got us from Los Angeles to Tampa, and because we are not fully time-adjusted we didn't suffer too badly from the ungodly hour. We arrived and were met by my sister Gwen, about 6 am. After hugs and kisses I said "take me to breakfast, NOW!" She knew just the place, and despite their opening not supposed to be for another half an hour, they were indeed open and happy to see us. I had two eggs sunny side up, bacon, toast and jam, and a bowl of heavenly GRITS. It was demolished in short order. Divine. I love grits and they are hard to find in Sydney.

My sister is an ace shopper so after the tour of the house we opted for a Goodwill store. Such quality, we got some great stuff. It sure beats the Newtown Vinnie's. One of my good buys was a square red cake tin. I have been wanting a square cake tin for a while and this was too good to pass up.

We have met the dogs, including the bulldog Emma who is nicknamed Uluru, and Audrey the Tibetan spaniel. It is a lovely house in a beautiful part of town and we have been for many walks. The flowers, live oaks, Spanish Moss, and moist air tell me we are in Florida.

We visited one of my sister's best friends, and I mentioned that a yarn shop was on the shopping list. "Come and look at my stack, take what you want" she said. She turned out to be a superb knitter with four large tubs of yarn. We aren't really in knitting or sweater-wearing country and she was delighted to give me some fabulous yarn, most of which she bought in Italy and Germany. I am thrilled. The cake tin will be filled with it for transport back home.

Here are some photos.

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