Saturday, June 14, 2014

Cables and plugs

Preparing for travel means collecting all the gizmos you need, and then making sure you have all the cables and plugs for charging them.

What do we have? An iPad each, an iPhone each, a Kindle, a small wifi 4g modem unlocked for a local data SIM card. A camera with its charger, two lenses, maybe a tripod, a remote control. A USB card reader for downloading photos from a compact flash card to iPad then to this blog. Our Jawbone UP bracelets to track the many steps we will take every day. How many is that? We are going to need several USB chargers.

Do we take our US USB plugs, or our Australian ones? We have a gazillion converter plugs from all over the place going every which way, but what is the optimal configuration? Julie had the utterly brilliant suggestion that we take an Australian power board with one UK adaptor and one European adaptor. I have a double decker USB with international plugs. So maybe I can take my little water boiler too! Thank you Julie. We shall drink tea in your honour.


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  1. Unlocked 4G modem is a great idea! We bought a local SIM when we were in Germany and Lars opened up his phone as a personal wifi hotspot when I wanted to connect. I'm so jealous of your trip (well not the plane trip) but Amsterdam!! I love Amsterdam!!