Monday, June 16, 2014

Travel day

Everything is organised. Our lovely housesitter is confirmed,the house is clean(ish) and ready for her. The dog's personal trainer is ready for daily frolics. My mother is well settled in her new life. Her house is sold. Our car is gone. We have had a busy couple of months and now it is time to relax.
We arrived at the airport in good time,having left the house just as Vanessa came to whisk The Pug off on his adventures. We checked in with no bother,and found ourselves facing the biggest crowd of people going through customs and security I have ever seen. It was jammed. The people in front of us had their toothpaste confiscated, and also a tablet cutter with a microscopic blade. I was glad I had remembered Julie's sad tale of the confiscated Swiss card with its knife and scissors, and had removed it from my purse. My hand cream got through, as did the various small items in my tatting kit - tiny scissors, a pencil sharpener, nail file, clippers.
We tried to buy stuff at the glitzy stores but failed. I want a replacement LancĂ´me lip pencil. None to be had. Michael wanted a new cover for his iPad 2. He was almost sneered at for being so behind in the tech stakes. Guess what he got out of that. He hasn't upgraded yet but we can see it coming.
The Singapore Airlines lounge was comfortable but did not feature massage chairs. It did feature quite good eats. So begins our journey and no doubt much more eating.
We boarded the plane and explored the offerings. The seats are roomy and comfortable, and I could lie completely flat. The food was good. I always enjoy the special Welcome Drink of pineapple juice and bitter lemon. I had a cup of pu erh tea (which the spellchecker insists is up her tea.). Later it was lemon and ginger tea.
We both watched the Grand Budapest Hotel which I didn't finish. It was a bit silly, and didn't grab me at all. Nor Michael. On exploring the video games I rediscovered Luxor and enjoyed that - a kind of Egyptian-themed Marbles.
The music was extensive. First I found Eric Whitacre's Light and Gold. I missed singing in that with Eric and the choir, but Julie and I did go to the performance in Parramatta Cathedral. I shall have to add it to my list of calming aeroplane music. Then I found Lark Ascending. Others must find it as soothing as I do. I remember having it on cassette and listening to it on my Walkman when travelling a lot for business, in economy class. It kept the hysteria at bay.
I had the Sydney Morning Herald with me, and managed to finish the cryptic. It was amusing. Accomplice at a holiday golf club: getaway driver. Captain Sausage was a heavy metal fan: headbanger. Exactly what you want from the box office: just the ticket. I got the target word. I have one clue left on the quick crossword, but am at stuckville on the Sudoku. They will yield with further effort.

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