Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Still travelling

Gosh it is a long way. The Singapore to Amsterdam leg was mostly in darkness, mostly sleeping. Business Class gave us enough room to stretch out and sleep, and is worth paying for. We didn't have any more to eat until the home stretch - breakfast. Thirteen hours is a long flight!

We did watch a movie set in Dublin. Life's a Breeze. A heartwarming, sometimes funny story of an old lady who is or isn't a bit daft, her 13 year old granddaughter, and the extended family. The family decides to clean up Nan's dreadful accumulation of clutter, but she reveals that her life savings of a million Euros was stuffed in the old mattress they have ditched. You can imagine the rest. It featured an all-too-short glimpse of a pug. I finished reading True North, read one of Joyce's Dubliners, and am now 2% through Ulysses. A long way to go.....

We are now in Schiphol awaiting our flight to Dublin, using free wifi. Contemplating one of the massage 'pods' available for €2 (5 minutes). Much more comprehensive than the free leg squeezers at Changi. Contemplating a bottle of Chocomel from the kiosk. When I was in Amsterdam in 1971 I drank quite a bit of that, and remember buying my last bottle of it at Schiphol as I left. Who knew it would still be here! I will save it for our return. For now, we are focused on getting to Dublin.

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