Friday, June 20, 2014

Dublin day 4: 14,286 steps (10 kms)

A leisurely start with breakfast in our room. Bread roll, Red Leicester cheese, cherries and blueberries. Illy coffee. We met Michael's co-author Tom and his partner Simon downstairs and went to the Brick Alley coffee shop. Simon impressed us all by asking for (and getting) a triple shot cappuccino. When we parted company Michael and I walked along to Kildare Street. I wanted Michael to check out the cardigan at Cleo, which he did. Very handsome, and too heavy for Sydney. We failed at consuming again. We had decided to visit Sandycove and the Martello Tower there where Joyce stayed for six nights before being thrown out, and where the first chapter of Ulysses is set. The DART train was our chosen mode of transport so we headed to Pearse Station.

The train took us around Dublin Bay to Sandycove, we got off and walked down to the waterfront.

It was a lovely warm day and although not what I would call beach weather, the locals obviously thought it was. The smell was rich and briny and seaweedy.

And I am sure there is a seal on that rock on the right.

The tower contains a Joyce museum which was very nicely done. A set of precipitous stone spiral steps led up to the round room in the middle, and more to the very top. A fine view. We had jackets on because we think anything below 20 is freezing, but we were too warm in them.

The DART brought us back to Pearse Station and we walked back to the hotel where we ate the rest of the bread and cheese, some sliced tomato, and drank elderflower presse.

On our way to the hotel when we first arrived our taxi driver pointed out Leo Burdock, said to be the best fish and chip shop in Dublin. We thought we might try it, but many online reviews suggested it was not terrific any more. Instead we sauntered down to Temple Bar and found a restaurant serving fish and chips. It was OK, the fish a bit dry and the batter rather too present. But it was quiet and enjoyable.

Tomorrow we are going on a Joyce walking tour. I am now 11% through Ulysses. Time now to settle to some peaceful knitting.

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