Friday, June 13, 2014

Travel projects

We are preparing to go travelling again. Amsterdam, Dublin, and Prague. There are big decisions to make concerning travel music, gizmos and relevant cables/plugs, and crafty projects. This post will deal only with the last of those. Knitting? Tatting? Crochet? Definitely not filet lace as that is too big. Tatting is always a staple, as it is little and light to carry, only needs a tatting shuttle and something to break the thread with, and is easy to do in limited light such as dim aeroplanes. Knitting is also a comfort, but I still have a lingering fear of needles being confiscated. New projects? Finish old ones?

After due consideration I have opted for two projects:

  1. Tatting

I have a piece of Eternal Travel Tatting that I have been working on for a zillion years. It is made up of motifs, so I can do small bits while away, and then join them up when I get home. Unlike Penelope, I do not unpick it at night, as tatting is extremely difficult to unpick. I just keep going with it. It could have been four placemats, but something prompted me to join two of them together in a longer piece, so I joined them all. It is now almost long enough to be a table runner. I reckon two or three more rows of motifs will do it. No, I will not turn it into a tablecloth! It is too bulky now to travel with the whole piece, so the plan is to do two rows of five motifs (joined) and then when I get home I will join them to the mother piece with one final row.

Those with sharp eyes will note that this is the same tatting featured in the header to KnitTatPug.

2. Knitting

My lovely daughter bought me a kit for some fingerless mittens, deep dark red, cable pattern. Ideal for those cold nights of choir practice when your hands are freezing but you need to be able to turn pages of music. I knitted Mitten 1 while in Darwin on holiday (as you would) and am about a third of the way through the second. (I had to finish a cardigan first). Knitting on four needles (I prefer five but broke one) plus a cable needle is not easy plane knitting. I can see that little cable needle making a getaway. But it will be ideal for hotel knitting after days of 20,000 steps and too creaky to go out. Or to move at all. (I am remembering our adventures in Greece a few years ago).

So, travel projects sorted.


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