Thursday, June 12, 2014

Using GoGet

Alas our car died recently, despite our mechanic's assurances that it would last forever. Transmission and radiator both went out together. So we so,d it for scrap. It had served us well for a long time, and we were sad to see it go. Should we get a new car? We just don't have the cognitive space to deal with that decision right now. We are getting ready to travel, and I have been flat out dealing with my mum. She had a bad fall, was hospitalised in RPA, Balmain, and RPA again. She had a broken leg, got a chest infection, and there were times I thought she wouldn't pull through. We found a lovely place for respite care, then we converted that to permanent care. She has settled in well and is recovering.

So back to the question of transport. I am overcoming my fear of change - meaning a broken trip. A train to here, then a bus to there. A bus to here, then another bus to there. Changing in the middle really isn't that hard once you know the drill. Then there is GoGet. There are plenty of these little cars near us, the closest is about thirty seconds walk away. That's Alfred the Yaris. Finn the Yaris is just up the road. So is Keisha, and Seth. Yes, they all have names. Yes, they have pet friendly ones for taking out Majic the Pug. (Seth is one such). And even better, they all have their own little homes, dedicated to that car, called a pod. It takes the angst out of parking in Newtown. Mostly. Yesterday I brought Finn home to find someone parked in Finn's spot. The picture is Not Finn the Yaris, but an interloper.

An interloper in Finn's pod.

Naughty! I reported them to the council, and felt only slightly guilty because there is a disabled permit displayed. But where was Finn to go? I parked him right outside our house and he was there this morning when I needed him. He is home safely in his own pod now.

So far GoGet and public transport are working well. We feel almost liberated from the pain of owning a car in the ever denser inner city. Sydney traffic is described as a heavy wet blanket lying over the city, and that is pretty right.



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