Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 1: Arrival

We ate our Hawaiian Airlines breakfast after a bit of sleep.

No flat bed seat, so not much sleep. We landed, got our bags, and cleared immigration with no fuss. My fingerprints gave themselves up without the struggle that has characterised previous entries to the US. Emerging into the warm sunshine, we found our way to the rental car kiosk where we had ordered a standard car.

"Would you like to upgrade to something sportier - a convertible?" No.

"Would you like an SUV insteade?" No.

"What about a Jeep Wranger?" No.

We are not the sporty funky quirky types, and don't want sunburnt heads. We are boring old farts.

We got our silver Impala with a sunroof, and drove away very happily down H1 to Kalia Road, Waikiki. Our room wasn't quite ready so we contacted Julie and Martin who have been here for a week, and we went to their room to catch up. Sittting on the balcony overlooking the water finally got to me - I had to swim. I went down to the lobby to start rummaging around in my bag for my togs and snorkel/mask, to find that our room was ready! Yay! The view was as we remembered it.

We got organised, and I went for my swim. Hi guys! I greeted all the fish, all the coral, everything. Like being home again.

Phew, got that out of my system. I aim to swim every day.

Next on the agenda is shopping. We need to lay in stores for the next two weeks, as we are self-catering. Julie and Martin had reconnoitred, and we set forth for Safeways. A couple of hours later, after wheeling our trolley up and down all the aisles, we had enough to go on with. Said trolley came equipped with a cup holder, and just as you enter there is a shop for purchasing coffee or soda to put into the holder. We didn't indulge. I can do the shopping without coffee or other fuel.

We have enough food, enough cleaning supplies for the moment.

Michael offered to cook the dinner, so bought some swordfish, some maui and vidalia onions, and some tomatilloes for tonight.

Returning, we put it all away, and Michael began cooking. Julie and Martin came down to our apartment, we ate. It was delicious. A crescent moon and a diamond-bright Venus over the water lit our dinner. We played with our cameras and talked about the programme for the next week, while Julie and Martin are still here.

I ate one of the marshmallows Julie and Martin had both rejected, and rejected them. There is something not nice at all about them - they certainly aren't the Pascal ones Martin and I both favour. I ate some Cheetos, and accepted them! We had found Orangina, but it is not the version we so enjoyed in Noumea, it is full of high fructose corn syrup with is the latest food baddie. I drank it, but won't be buying another bottle. It isn't bitter enough - to sweet and soft.

Michael was asleep by 8 pm, and I flipped around the reality TV for a while. Buying houses is the new reality craze, and it has a certain voyeuristic fascination.