Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tuesday - a three-swim day

Everyone else went to the Pacific Aviation Museum but me, and I will let them tell their stories in their respective blogs (Julie and Michael).

For me, it was a beach day. As the days go by I wear less. Where once I would put on togs, a sarong, shoes, a towel over my shoulder and a hat, I now put on togs and carry the towel. No shoes, no sarong. For today's expedition I did take the straw mat for lying on, and my specs and sunnies, and my book. The Leopard is my choice of reading for Waikiki. It is so perfectly languid and reflective. I'm enjoying my reacquaintance with Don Fabrizio, House of Salina, Maria Stella, Tancredi, Concetta and Angelica, as well as all the other characters not forgetting the dogs. Also perfect is the climate, Sicily in the unremitting unrelenting implacable summer.

It was a two swim episode. First the swim (mask and snorkel), then a read, another swim, another read, and back to the apartment.

The gang returned full of enthusiasm about the Museum, but I was not sorry to have missed it. They were particularly fulsome about their guide, Grant. A young man in his twenties, with a good grasp of the events and a talent for story-telling.

Lunch, then another visit to Safeway. We were running perilously low on staples (icecream), and bought some tuna for Michael to cook for us. While he was doing preparations I thought it was time for another swim.

We watched the sunset...
From Hawaii2010

From Hawaii2010

...and watched some more TV. As previously noted I do enjoy Squeal TV, but also its variation, Squalor TV. This includes Clean House (where people reveal their terribly cluttered and disorganised lives) and Animal Hoarders, where houses and their owners are taken over by hordes of dogs and/or cats. All very sad. Thus far I have resisted Fat TV (Too Fat for Fifteen, Dance your Ass Off, etc). Michael gets revenge with hours of Tour de France or baseball. There is no basketball, thank you god for small mercies.

We ate the tuna which was wonderful (stuffed with pineapple and pomegranate seeds, plus brussels sprouts, snowpeas, broccoli, and our first ever encounter with a rice-cooker.)