Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 3: Rainbows, Shangri-La, and fireworks

I opened the curtains at 6.45 am to this rainbow.

After some fruit for breakfast, and some Illy blue coffee, I went for a swim. I might be in a rut, but I did my usual circuit of the three big white buoys out there. Back for a shower, to find another rainbow. This one was a full arch, over the ocean. As it faded it looked like there was a rainbow fire on the horizon, quite spectacular.

Today we planned on visiting Shangri-La. This is the estate built by the heiress Doris Duke, whose will stipulated that it be opened to the public after her death. Her passion was Islamic Art. That's a pretty big sweep, and she bought what she liked. It was very eclectic, and very beautiful. Persian, Syrian, Indian, a wonderful array of pieces in a spectacular setting on the 'other side' of Diamond Head.

Our trip started from the Honolulu Academy of Fine Arts, and we were bussed there and back.

We were all starving afterwards, so returned to our rooms for salady things for lunch, and snoozing. Julie and I went out later for 'girl shopping'. The boys are good, but there are subtle signals and special breathing that we recognise as impatience with looking at racks of clothes, shoes, arty things. I bought some leaf-shaped place mats, Julie bought another pair of shorts.

Back in our room, I prepared the dinner. I'd made some bolognaise sauce during the day, so cooked some spaghetti for a delicious bowlful. We had the benefit of some fireworks, so had fun twiddling with the camera again.