Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Yes, yes, I know. I am falling behind on the daily schedule, sliding further into sloth and torpor, into Hawaiian time. The days begin to merge into a slow blur of eat, shop, sleep, swim. Pretty good, huh?

Julie and Martin left on Thursday, leaving their excess food with us. We scored the most excellent cherry vanilla icecream (mmmmm), blue corn chips, cheese, eggs, bacon, limonata, and much more.

Every time I go for a swim I see the man from Parrot-dise with his collection of colourful parrots, taking over-the-top tourist pictures. Today was the day, so I took Michael down to show him, and to get some info. The man took our photos with our camera, and here is one of them:

From Hawaii2010

OTT? Absolutely. As we returned to the apartment we were notified that my parcel had arrived from Earl & Lois Stokes. My string figure kit!
From Hawaii2010

The rainbow strings are fused together by melting the ends:
From Hawaii2010

I spent a happy few hours reading the booklets and the philosophy associated with this art, and playing with the strings. I can do the turtle now - quite an easy figure, and the bracelet.

From Hawaii2010

The turtle is appropriate, because for the first time in my visits here, and all those hours snorkelling, I have seen turtles at Ft. de Russy beach. One large one on Sunday, and a small one today. Such a thrill.

My bin diving career has expanded. As I lie on the grass or on the sand I see men diving into the bins to retrieve anything that has a deposit on it - cans and bottles. The deposit is 5cents. Instead of putting all our returnables into the dumpster in our building, which is secure, we are now taking them to the public bins and making them available to the people who can use them. I put a whole lot into one bin, and had a conversation with a man who was retrieving them. He didn't want to take the Pellegrino bottle, saying that wine bottles were not accepted. I said this was a water bottle, not wine. I pointed to the return label with the HI (for Hawaii) on it. He seemed convinced. There isn't much recycling that I can see, apart from this. There is a bin for plastic bags outside the Safeway store, and I do see that being used.

On Friday we did what we should have done earlier - visited Waikele Premium Outlets. The variety was terrific, and the prices sensational.

After a reconnoitre and a slow start, we warmed up. Michael did particularly well at Brooks Bros with the two-for-the-price-of-one deals. Two suits, two sweaters. Also from Saks 5th Ave a pair of leather slides, for which he has been searching for some time.

I did well too. Two tank tops and a purple jumper from Anne Klein (less than $20 each, and nothing in black!). Three t-shirts from Bass (two blue, one red, no black.) To redeem myself I bought a black shirt from Brooks Bros. Perfect. I was tempted by some shoes, but I have enough shoes. Enough? Yes, enough.

Today is Saturday, and despite the food infusions from the departing daughter, we were out of vegetables and other necessaries. Michael was having Saturday morning shopping spasms, so off we went to Safeway again. W got out with relatively little damage - fruit, veg, meat, fish. Returned for the final of the Tour de France, some serious snoozing, then a swim for me. Swimming a fairly deep section I saw that what looked like a rock or large piece of coral had flippers. A turtle, below me.

I have booked to go on a catamaran snorkelling trip tomorrow morning at 8 am. I am so looking forward to it.

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