Thursday, July 15, 2010

Diving, swimming, and snorkelling

I've done all three today. We woke with the daylight, just before seven. We ate pineapple, peach, pomegranate, then Canadian bacon and scrambled egg. Stoking up for rigorous activity.

Swimming time. I got into my new Sue Rice togs (Abigail, black, tribal), gathered my goggles for a swim (not the mask and snorkel this morning), plus towel etc. I gathered up the rubbish to take downstairs to the dumpster in the basement. Dumped it. Set off for the beach.... where are my goggles? Yes, I had dumped them. Thus ensued my first experience of dumpster diving, a time honoured sport. It was quite empty, so I had to climb up using one of the handy footholds, then jump in. Fortunately there was nobody watching (I hope.) Also fortunately there was a layer of nice clean cardboard on the bottom, to land on. I landed gracefully, retrieved the goggles, climbed out, and on my way. That took care of the diving for the day.

The swim was good - a real swim out to the first buoy, across to the second and third, then mooching back with the current to my starting point. As I lay resting on the sand with my book (The Leopard, by Lampedusa) couple about ten feet away renewed their wedding vows. An army chaplain did the honours. She wore a simple white dress with a floral lei. After the ceremony I applauded, and so did a mother and child nearby. Aaaah.

I returned to my book, becoming reacquainted with the prince Fabrizio (who now appears in my imagination as Burt Lancaster, having seen the movie since the last time I read the book, which was the last time I was here), his family, his dog, his friends, his enemies.
Up for a shower and to tame the straw hair. Had some lunch including a lot of salady things, then out for an excursion. Number one on the list is a Hugo Boss tracksuit for Michael. A while ago I bought him one for his birthday, and he is now anxious about wearing it out. There is a Hugo Boss shop nearby. Alas, it is not to be. They had nothing remotely similar. While out we looked at Chanel, Gucci, Max Mara, Tiffany, and a couple of other high names. Bought nothing (yet). Back through the Royal Hawaiian shopping centre, now open. Where is the ukelele shop? I had my hopes.....

A little reading, a little diarising, a little knitting, a little play with my camera based on the great big manual Martin has lent me (what is white balance? what does a histogram tell you? what is bracketing?).

Suddenly the call came. More swimming required. The afternoon swim called for the pink Gottex togs, plus mask and snorkel. And what a treat - for the first time ever here at the very familiar Fort de Russy beach, I swam within touching distance of a very big turtle.

Julie and Martin were back from their jaunt to the North Shore and the Dole Plantation. They bought a fabulous pineapple, some dried pineapple, and some taro chips (my favourite.) Mmmmm.

We plan to eat out tonight, at PD Chang. 8.30 is the earliest we can book for. Will we still be awake then?