Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Preparing for Hawai'i

We are ready. Ready to get on an aeroplane bound for Honolulu. Ready to escape the winter chills. Ready to leave behind the coats, gloves, scarves, boots, heavy socks, and hot water bottles.

We've been many times before but it doesn't ever lose its gloss. The warm soft air, the swimming, shopping, relaxing. Ahhh.

I have several projects.

  • One ball of black sock wool, and a sock pattern. I will make lacy black socks that will not be stolen by he-who-thinks-all-black-socks-are-his. Perhaps he will draw the line at lacy cables.
  • One ball of baby alpaca in a fuschia colour, ready to be made into the Estonian Leaf & Nupp shawl. Am I mad to take on nupps? They are worth perfecting, I think.
  • Some small aeroplane tatting, in Mary Konior's Masquerade pattern. Started it when we went to Auckland, and it is now my Travel Tatting.
  • I have the set of Boye knitting needles so I can be flexible if I find something at Isle Knits.
  • I have the StitchDiva Endless CardiShawl pattern in case I find some nice yarn at Isle Knits.
  • Coloured pencils and sketch book.
  • Plans to buy some strings and instructions from a Hawaiian supplier for string figures (now that I am a member of the International String Figure Association.)
  • Perhaps a trip to the Soroban (abacus) School for a new large Japanese abacus.
I have my camera, the Kindle (with some books), we have the iPhones and a Netbook and our GPS (TomTom). We have some printed books. I have my diving mask and snorkel, and plan to buy a new beach towel. Two sarongs, two pairs of togs.

Is that enough? I didn't forget the sunscreen, sunnies, and a hat.

The plane leaves tonight. The housesitter arrives after work to get reacquainted with The Pug. I am ready.

(Note: I have turned off comments because I am sick of rejecting all those spammie things. )