Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday means the Bishop

The Bishop Museum, that is. The last time we went the big hall was closed for renovations, and we were looking forward to seeing it again. We set forth at about 9 am, and let our TomTom direct us. This led to much conversation about the GPS choice of route ("I wouldn't have done that!") and kibbitzing. Nonetheless, we got there in good time and in a direct fashion.

The big hall was beautifully restored, and the exhibitions very beautifully done. The feather capes were magnificent, the human hair/whale tooth necklaces as spectacular as ever. There was much more information, much of it in Hawaiian. There were perhaps fewer items on show, but more information about them. The weaving, netting, tapa cloth design and feather capes were of great interest to me.

We also saw an exhibition of surfing. Some of those boards are HUGE! We didn't do the Planetarium this time, although it was tempting.

I drove us home in the Impala, receiving advice from all three passengers plus TomTom. Eventually I boiled over with cognitive overload and told everyone except TomTom to be quiet. They knew what was good for them, and complied.

Although it was only just 12 noon, we were starving. Michael and I went to the Starbucks next door for an iced frappacino, a sandwich, and the New York Times. Funny how lunchtime comes early! Funny how you get snoozy after lunch! We ate, we snoozed. Then I went for a swim, which of course I enjoyed.

I've also been enjoying flipping around squeal TV. This is a specific form of reality TV involving people (usually young women) squealing, crying, and hugging each other. My picks include How do I look? What not to Wear, House Hunt, Clean House. I am saving Bridezilla for later. There is only so much squealing you can cope with in one day.

Michael is enjoying the coverage of the Tour de France.

We had a date with Julie and Martin at the Shore Bird grill-your-own restaurant next door. We all remember the 2006 earthquake when I made everyone leave the tenth floor and go there for breakfast.

I had ribs, Michael had ahi tuna kebabs, Martin had steak, Julie had chicken teriyaki. It was all very good. Julie had Mai Tais, Martin had beer, we had virgin pina coladas which were waaaaaaaay too sweet. At least they had chunks of pineapple and a paper parasol.

Sorry, no photos today. Well, perhaps I'll put one in from today (Monday) just so you have something to look at.