Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pancakes for breakfast, Isle Knits, Ala Moana shopping, and a soroban

We used Balcomms (leaning over the balconies to discuss matters of great import) to liaise for our proposed breakfast adventure. IHOP is a frequent answer in puzzles, and it stands for International House of Pancakes. Julie and Martin had waxed lyrical about the offerings there, so we left quite early, and quite ravenous. It is dangerous to get between me and breakfast, and I am not the only one.

We had a short wait, and then were shown to our table and introduced to Anthea, our server. I am always tempted to introduce ourselves too, by name, and let them know that we will be their diners. So far I have resisted that temptation....

We had pancakes and syrup (butter pecan is really good) and eggs and bacon and coffee and juice. All good. Mmmm. We waddled back to the Waikiki Shore, and parted company with Martin. Julie and I were headed for Isle Knits, and we dropped Michael off at Ala Moana Mall so he could cross a couple of items off his list.

On my Isle Knits list were Addi Turbo circular knitting needles, a lace circular (also Addi Turbo), and some Maizy sock wool for corn socks. We took about an hour, then back to Ala Moana to liaise with Michael, who had achieved his shoe objectives. We looked at the books in Barnes & Noble. We went to the Japanese department store looking for a new robe for my mother, kitchen gadgets, the food floor, and the beginnings of the hunt for a new standard size soroban for me (Japanese abacus), plus a bento box for Julie. See her blog for further descriptions of her purchases. I did not find the soroban, but the very kind assistant called another shop for me, and they had one, so I scheduled a visit there for later.

On my list was a new pair of Ann Taylor black pants. The old pair is getting increasingly shabby, but they are perfect. If I could find some more I would be happy. I found some more - not exactly the same, but close enough. And for only $40 on sale!! So I bought a grey pair as well. Julie and I tried on some soft clothes - trackie pants that looked OK, for only $8, but they were truly daggy and did not justify even that paltry amount.

We had two goes at the shopping, dropping some purchases in the car before returning for more. Julie must take after me - she bought some cast iron Le Creuset. Once upon a time in Utah I spent up big on cast iron frypans, which I carried home and still use almost every day. Souvenirs? Pah! Who wants souvenirs when you can buy cast iron?

We returned to the apartment for snacks (who needs lunch after an IHOP breakfast?) and a rest. Then I decided to walk the mile or so to the shop with the soroban. Hakubon Do is on Kapiolani, in the Pan Am building. I found it no trouble, and made my purchase. I got the Tomoe 23-rod one.

I have three or four resolutions to keep on this holiday:

* Get up when I feel like it
* Eschew the hairdryer
* Swim every day

After my long walk it was definitely time for the third of these resolutions. I swam. It was perfect.

Dinner was more spag bol (we are indulging in a lot of wheat while not catering to my mother's gluten intolerance), a sunset, and some TV. We were enthralled by the programme on dog obedience, including surf dogs. Dozer the bulldog won this event. There are plans for Majic on our return. He will LOVE it. We don't propose the surfing aspect for him, as it helps if they can swim. Pugs are not built for swimming.