Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday: Shopping at Ala Moana

Alas, it was a no-swim day. It was a no-pics day too. It was a shopping day. We had several things on our list of must-see at Ala Moana Mall.

First stop was Long's Drugstore, for some good aeroplane earplugs. Done.

Next stop for me was Sephora. I am after some Lancome lippy, 08 Rose, having scraped out the very last of the last tube. Also some cream blusher. No luck with the lippy, but did OK with the blusher. Perhaps it is a bit too light, and maybe I need the next darker shade. I'll think about that. Some dark red nail polish (for toes) leapt into my basket too.

Shanghai Tang is always worth looking at. I love the styles, but somehow never manage to find anything that suits me, or that fits right, or that I can afford. I did sample the perfume though, and being in a ginger phase, it appealed to me. Maybe I'll have to go back for some of that, despite being in an "I will use up all the perfume I have before buying any more" mode. For a long time I have not worn perfume, finding it unsuitable for work, prohibited by choir, and just not appealing. Maybe it is time to revisit that.

We reviewed the Walking Shoe company for slides for Michael, without success.

Then we went to Nordstrom, our favourite store. Even better, Nordstrom is having its anniversary sale. About two years ago for Michael's birthday I bought him an up-market track suit designed by Hugo Boss. These are the ultimate soft clothes. He lives in fear and trepidation of its wearing out, and we have tried everywhere to find another. No luck. I asked Dennis, the shop assistant in Nordstrom, for advice. Men can't ask for advice, so they probably miss a lot if they don't take their wives with them. We found a good pair of soft pants. I left him to look around a bit longer, and went in search of shoes. Despite being unable to try shoes on effectively (I'd banged my little to on the door jamb and it is bruised and hurts) I managed to find a pair I liked. I liked them so much I bought a red and a black pair of the same style. The red will match my new nailpolish!

Michael found me in the shoe department and told me he'd found a new suit at a great price. He was going to go to the fitting section and organise the tailoring Nordstrom does so well. I was free to continue my hunt in the clothing section, and was very happy to find two very nice tops.

After emerging with bulging shopping bags and empty wallets, we had a lazy afternoon.

We'd organised to have dinner out with Julie and Martin at Chilli's just behind the International Market. Off we went. Virgin Margaritas are pretty darned good, not so sickly sweet as the Pina Coladas. Being off the grog doesn't mean you can't have frou frou cocktails! Deep fried onion strips are pretty good too!

Michael and I walked home through the International Market, but were not tempted by anything. Too much tat!